Photo Keepsake Bronze Vine Brooch


Cherished Photo Keepsakes is the perfect way to Keep Those Special Close to Your Heart!

Each is individually customized to perfectly preserve your photo on a portable keepsake you can always keep near!  These will bring you comfort, joy and many, many smiles.

Professional photo editing is included.  I do not just stick your photo on the design like most services do.  If you want me to use the photo as-is, I make all color corrections and remove distracting objects. Or you can choose a background for your subject.  If you are not sure what background color you want, choose the “Help me decide” option.

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You can also email me your photos at a later time, no need to upload with your order.
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If you purchase this product you will earn 2 Points! You need to sign up for an account to collect points.


A lovely Photo Keepsake Bronze Vine Brooch

It just takes a second to remember a special moment, a second that is enough to put a smile on your face and change your mood.
We all want to keep our memories close, as our life’s experiences define the person we are. What better way to keep a memory alive than transforming it into beautifully crafted, high quality, customized keepsake?

These are a nice, robust pin that measure 1.25″ x 1.5″.

The portrait area measures 18mm x 25mm

There are Swarovski crystals embedded in the grapes and vines surrounding the portrait.

I can make this either upright or lengthwise, depending if you want one or two subjects in it. I can use any background color for the portrait or use your photo as-is. Remember, I can create these with a portrait of your favorite dog, cat, or even kids or grandchildren .  Only limited by your imagination!

As with all my designs, your portrait is protected and enhanced with a waterproof, doming, heirloom quality resin.  The resin looks like glass and really makes your portrait “pop”.

The photo work I do to your photo really sets my photo keepsakes apart. I make any necessary corrections to your dog or other love, including color corrections, brightness, sharpness, shadow removal, removing collars, leases, etc…, putting together subjects from separate photos into one portrait, and set on the background color of your choice. These become miniature works of art! I am a professional photographer and my experience allows me to create exceptional portraits. If you were to have a photographer retouch your photo as I do, it would cost more than your photo keepsake so you are truly receiving a great value!

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aquamarine, black, black & white, chocolate brown, cranberry red, cream, deep red, Emerald Green, fire opal, golden green, gray, Help me decide, Ivory, light blue, lilac, Pearl, Peridot Green, pink, Purple, Royal Blue, sage green, teal, use photo as-is, white


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