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Gold-Filled 18k Engraved Flowers Photo Keepsake Locket Necklace

Cherished Photo Keepsakes is the perfect way to Keep Those Special Close to Your Heart!

Each is individually customized to perfectly preserve your photo on a portable keepsake you can always keep near!  These will bring you comfort, joy and many, many smiles.

Professional photo editing is included.  I do not just stick your photo on the design like most services do.  If you want me to use the photo as-is, I make all color corrections and remove distracting objects. Or you can choose a background for your subject.  If you are not sure what background color you want, choose the “Help me decide” option.

See the full product description below.

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18k Gold Filled Photo Locket

This holds 2 photos.  One inside and one on the front.

It just takes a second to remember a special moment, a second that is enough to put a smile on your face and change your mood.
We all want to keep our memories close, as our life’s experiences define the person we are. What better way to keep a memory alive than transforming it into beautifully crafted, high quality, customized keepsake?

Gold Filled 18k Photo Locket Pendant. This unique and exclusive design is beautiful and sure to bring lots of attention.

The piece undergoes an advanced sealing bath process to ensure the best quality finish possible.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gold Filled 18k
  • Nickel free
  • 5 Step bonding process for lifelong use
  • Size:1 1/8″ x 1″ (29mm x 27mm)
  • Chain: 17″ (45cms)

It is beautifully designed to incorporate a perfect portrait of your dog, cat, or the person that you love. The picture can be set against any color backdrop, so no two pendants are ever alike.

The portraits on all my designs are protected and beautified with a heirloom quality, jewelry-grade resin that will last a lifetime.  The resin is doming and adds gloss and depth.


What Sets Our Pieces Apart?
  • We use ONLY 18k gold (compare to the 10k gold used by our competitors).
  • Our 5 step process includes 3 layers of gold (compare to 1 layer by our competitors).
  • Our final process includes a sealant to ensure it is hypo-allergenic and protected from the elements.
  • Our jewelry is all hand polished, never using machines to do this important task.
What is Gold Filled Jewelry?

Considered the very best in jewelry finished apart from solid gold, silver, and platinum, gold-filled jewelry, also known as “rolled gold”, consists of a SOLID layer of gold that is bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. To the naked eye, our quality 18k gold filled jewelry has the same appearance as solid 18k gold, and is far more durable than gold plated jewelry ,even with daily use, our nickel-free 18k gold-filled jewelry is a perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. As a general rule, if you are able to wear 18k solid gold jewelry, you will likely not have an issue with our advanced, quality gold filled process.

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