Just wanted to let you know a bit about me and how Cherished Photo Keepsakes came to be.

My passion has always been animals and art.  For as long as I can remember, animals have been my best friends and I have been drawing and creating art.  I have been lucky to be able to bring my passions together to create these special and meaningful keepsakes for you featuring your beloved best friends.

I moved to Italy from the United States in 2002.  I absolutely love it in Italy, but of course also miss America very much.  Too bad one person cannot live in two places!  I am blessed with a wonderful son and two dogs and a cat.  My second dog, Deek, is a rescue dog.  He was abandoned in the country near my significant others home and stables.  He has blossomed into a real character and has brought unadulterated joy.

Zorro – A Friesian Stallion

When I moved to Italy, I was able to fulfill my dream of owning a Friesian horse.  That is when Zorro came into my life.  He was the Friesian stallion of a lifetime, more human than horse.  He had his own looks, expressions and a spirit all his own.  He taught me so much about life and gifted me with so many experiences and memories! zorro-and-danita

Of course, I wanted Zorro with me everywhere!

At the time, there were very few breed items of Friesian horses available like key chains or necklaces.  The ones I found looked nothing like Zorro and to boot, many were outrageously priced at hundreds of dollars.

So I decided to design my own personalized photo keepsakes with Zorro’s own image.  I could have Zorro with me wherever I went, his wonderful expression looking back at me.

Then I thought, I cannot be the only one out there whose animals are their lives and who are unsatisfied with generic breed gift items that are available.  So I began Simply Italy Designs to bring my personalized photo keepsakes to everyone.

Now Zorro has passed and his photo keepsake designs are even more cherished. They bring so many fond memories and much comfort and joy when I wear or use them.  Just grabbing my car keys with my Zorro key chain brings me a smile and warmth.  I have now been blessed with Deek, a dog that was abandoned near our stables.  His is incredible and has helped my heart to heal a bit after the loss of Zorro.

That is how Cherished Photo Keepsakes came to be.

I am also a professional photographer and love photographing animals and Italy.  I love to capture the nuances and details that make each subject unique.  I bring my artist eye and photo editing skills to making your special keepsake the perfect representation of your special loves.

Donations to dog and animal rescue organizations.

I make many, many donations each year to rescue organizations.  I am a firm believer in helping those who cannot help themselves and giving back to the extraordinary animals that enrich and complete our lives!  For more info about a donation to your rescue organization, please contact me.